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Whether it be complete site restorations with full depth removal or smaller works such as catch basin repairs or culvert repairs Peltar is capable of completing the work. Peltar has many years of experience working as general contractors and also subcontractors on site works projects. We use the best practices in the industry while ensuring we follow all rules and regulations in the province. Peltar Paving ensures all fill is disposed offsite in a clean and timely manner.

Site Works


  • Site Safety and Environmental Protection

  • Site Clearing and Removals

  • Tree Clearing and Grubbing

  • Light Structure Removal and Disposal

  • Site Demolition – removal of asphalt and concrete paving, catch basins, manholes, underground pipes, etc.

  • Shallow Utility installation and Site Services

  • Granular Placement, Site Grading and Compaction

  • Earthwork Excavation, Grading and Compaction

  • Trench Excavation and Backfill

  • Open and Shallow Excavation

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