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Asphalt Services

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Peltar Paving provides a full range of paving

services such as paving parking lots, municipal roads, subdivisions, schools and various other applications. From pavement repair to complete parking lot restoration, we are capable of any task.


Peltar uses the highest quality and modern paving equipment to complete our work. Our crews consist of highly trained professionals who are well versed in the industry standards and best practices. This allows us to provide our clients with a product that is second to non. We are able to provide quality surfaces which are cost effective and complete projects on time and on budget no matter the scope of work.

Peltar Paving provides reputable concrete services. We are Industry experts specializing in concrete placement and finishing of various curb types, sidewalks, concrete aprons, toe walls and even stamped and colored concrete. 

Peltar Paving ensures a high level of professionalism and experience which can be seen in our finished product. We ensure a quality finish using best practices, tools and machinery in the industry. Our crews understand even the most intricate designs, elevations, drawings and standards which allow us to perform work of any level on time and on budget leaving our clients minds at ease

As Peltar Paving is a full-service paving contractor we are able to tackle projects from the sub-grade up. We provide a full range of grading services to our clients starting with granular placement to fine grading works. 


We have great relationships with our suppliers and have access to any materials necessary to complete the job and meet the proper specifications. We use the most modernized and up to date machinery and technology in the industry. Peltar Paving has access to GNSS (gps) technology when grading which can allow us to achieve proper elevation within very low tolerances in comparison to project drawings. This allows us to work with peace of mind and keeps our clients and inspectors satisfied.

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Whether it be complete site restorations with full depth removal or smaller works such as catch basin repairs or culvert repairs Peltar is capable of completing the work. Peltar has many years of experience working as general contractors and also subcontractors on site works projects. We use the best practices in the industry while ensuring we follow all rules and regulations in the province. Peltar Paving ensures all fill is disposed offsite in a clean and timely manner.

  • Asphalt Grinding

  • Line Painting

  • Float Services

  • We are able to provide any of these services to our clients if necessary, on the projects.

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